Skin Trends 2021

After a year of barely showing face.  We are about face right now.  No doubt about it.  We see it on the big screen with Hollywood celebs, everyone wants that natural slow glow effect.  But how does one go about achieving that Angela Basset or Jennifer Garner natural beauty look?  It starts with the right skincare regimen.  Meaning having the right cleansers/ soap for your skin type.  It is also important to have the appropriate cadence or timing of when to exfoliate the skin on your face.  This is especially important as we age and if you wear makeup often.  Next you are going to want some sort of vitamin treatment and or a vitamin hydration combination.  Keep in mind the cleanser and exfoliant can also be in a mask so it is then an all-in-one.  So that is also something to keep in mind.  Here's the bottom line, it does not take going to the spa to get beautiful skin.  Not saying to go to the spa.  Hey, every woman deserves a spa treatment a few times a year.  I get it.  This is just an alternative to keep your skin looking and feeling beautiful.  



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