Candle Care Cotton Wicks

1.        Allow your candles to liquefy across the top prior to blowing them out. 


Ø  Did you know candles have memory? Wherever they stop burning initially is where they will stop burning every time.  Allowing the top to liquefy will help prevent tunneling.

2.        Always keep your wick trimmed to a ¼ inch. 

Ø  Oh, don’t forget to trim it a little before your first use. 

3.        Hey, You!  Be good to yourself and to your candles too. 

Ø  Do not drop matches, wick trimmings, or other objects in the candle.  Stay Safe!

4.        Your candle needs a clean flat surface.  Do not place on sensitive uneven surfaces. 

Ø  Oh, and don’t leave it burning unattended! That is DANGEROUS STUFF OK!








5.        Stop using the candle people when there is about ½” of was remaining. 

Ø  I know you LOVE the smell of it.  We do too, but the dang wick should NEVER be exposed, Ok!  Go to our site and get you another one, Boo!

6.        FINALLY!  Please repurpose that candle container… Here are some ideas:

Ø  Candy Dish; Coin Bank; Small Flowerpot (succulents); Desk Organizer etc.

Ø  You get our point just SAFELY reuse it if you can, ok!

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