She Did That!

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Anecdote has the solution to She Did That!  Yes, honor your sister in your life with the congratulatory candle.  Perhaps she just started her business take the opportunity to let her know you see her, Sis!  And give her a She Did That candle.     You want to send something to a friend or family member who graduated or landed a new job? We can help you with that.  A shoutout candle is a special candle.  It is a candle that comes with a special quote on it and a special Shoutout Card to explain the meaning behind the Shoutout candle.  This is a large 3 wick candle (2 wooden wicks).  They are special order, so you may choose any of our signature scents or monthly scent available.  There are also custom options available, please contact us.
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Spa day, Ordinary love, High note


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